NLPModelsIpopt.jl documentation

This package provides a thin IPOPT wrapper for NLPModels, using JuliaOpt/Ipopt.jl internal structures directly.

Please refer to the NLPModels documentation for the API of NLPModels, if needed.


Install NLPModelsIpopt.jl with the following commands.

pkg> add NLPModelsIpopt

Bug reports and discussions

If you think you found a bug, feel free to open an issue. Focused suggestions and requests can also be opened as issues. Before opening a pull request, start an issue or a discussion on the topic, please.

If you want to ask a question not suited for a bug report, feel free to start a discussion here. This forum is for general discussion about this repository and the JuliaSmoothOptimizers, so questions about any of our packages are welcome.